How to stream mkv and avi files to Apple TV

Want to know how to stream mkv and avi files to your Apple TV without converting or Jailbreaking anything? Apple TV’s are great little devices; however one of the main problems that people have is that in true Apple style it is directly linked to iTunes. In other words your video files have to be mp4 files loaded into iTunes in order to stream to your Apple TV, meaning you would probably need to convert your entire movie/series collection. Previously the only way to avoid this and stream mkv or avi files direct to your Apple TV involves jailbreaking it and installing XBMC or similar.

However, I have found a work around that allows you to stream these files without jailbreaking your Apple TV!

The key to doing this is an awesome little app called Stream To Me. It works on both iPhone and iPad and allows you to stream video files from your PC/MAC direct to your iPhone or iPad. (The app costs $2.99 which is well worth the money in my opinion). When you play a video within the Stream to Me app it will show the Apple Airplay icon, simply click this, select your Apple TV and voila! You are now streaming .mkv or .avi files on you Apple TV via your iPad/iPhone, without having to use iTunes or convert any files.


stream to me app apple tv mkv avi files


It also doubles as a full screen interactive remote that makes it easy to change between TV shows or movies etc. Super simple fix, but one that I felt was worth sharing.

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