I am addicted to wordpress themes

Yes you read that correctly, wordpress themes. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t get addicted easily. I have never been a smoker, don’t drink heavily/regularly and have yet to have any sort of gambling problem. So does that mean that I have one of those non-addictive personalities you hear about from pseudo shrinks and know-it-alls? Nope, I don’t think so. One of the hidden evils behind addiction is denial. No-one ever realises that they are addicted, but can’t help themselves when it comes to their drug of choice.

So, I have just had an epiphany and realised that one of those drugs that affects me happens to be wordpress (WP) themes. I try to resist them as much as possible, to stay away from the hundreds of websites promoting beautiful themes, but it is inevitable. Sooner or later the WP devil worms its way back into my brain and I get lost in the pages and pages of templates, demos and features. This blog is case in point, while I have always thought I needed a personal blog I never knew what I would write. Then I came across this very theme design and had to have it. So that is how this blog was born, forced into the world without any real purpose, seeded purely by my lust for design.


my wordpress theme addiction


This got me thinking, what is it about WP themes that makes them so addictive to me? Well the design is the first thing. I love clean cut minimalist design and there are a lot of really talented WP designers out there that keep churning out super work. That is just the beginning. The main hook is the blank piece of code, the unknown potential that a new online property may have. Who knows what may lay ahead for this little blog or any of the other blogs that I bring into this world on a whim. It’s that raw potential that gets me excited in the same way that I imagine an artist feels when he is given a blank piece of paper and a brand new set of pens and markers.

The question is, will this blog just be another dead body in the lake? Will this be the only post that you will ever see on here? I hope not.

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