The Awesome Card

I often find myself needed to defend a lot of my tech/gadget purchases. I don’t mean defending the reason why you opted for the 16 Gb 3G version over the 32 Gb WiFi version with your mates. I mean debating with your better half about the need for the gadget at all. The problem in these debates is that I often have no real argument, no concrete theory or explicit reason why I need the New iPad when I have a perfectly functioning older iPad. Why I may want an LED TV when my current LCD is working just fine. The examples are endless. I am sure that you are often in a similar situation (or you may happen to be the better half in the situation above) and you are looking for an easy way around this argument.

Lying in bed this morning I believe I have come up with a solution, introducing the Awesome Card. Essentially the Awesome Card is the answer to any tech related “why do you need that” question. All you need to do is pull out the Awesome Card:

the awesome card


End of discussion. Sometimes you have to buy things purely because they are all kinds of awesome. Now I know what you are thinking, this doesn’t solve both sides of the problem. The solution for the better half is that Awesome Cards are not an infinite resource. As a couple you could decide how many Awesome Cards are allowed within a year/month/week as well as the ceiling limit on a single card (these could become stackable – i.e. if you save several cards for one big purchase).

However it is up to you to decide what you want to use the Awesome Cards for and ultimately the answer to any question arising from such a purchase can be simply answered; because it’s AWESOME.

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