Looking at Internet Radio Social Statistics

Shaun Dewberry has dropped a bomb on the online radio industry with a “report” on the internet radio streaming listenership figures. The report makes a lot of arguments, most of which are centered around technical information / infrastructure which I have no clue about. However he does mention the lack of social media followings for the online radio stations such as 2OV FM and Ballz Radio. This got me thinking; is he right?

I hopped online to do a bit of research and map the penetration of social media platforms within radio listenerships for some of SA’s main radio stations to have a look if his theory is correct. I took the latest twitter and Facebook stats as well as the latest June 2012 RAMS listenership data. The key thing to note here is that the RAMS data is number of listeners that have listened in the last 7 days. Where as the online radio stations are total listener figures. So if anything this gives the online radio stations a bit of a head start, but that isn’t a problem, by their very nature online radio listeners should be more tech savvy and more likely to follow their favourite station on a social media platform.

Anyway here are the figures. I created a penetration percentage figure to help illustrate:

Not what you expected is it? Even the big stations like 5FM have very low followings on social media. The other other consideration is that a lot of people follow personalities rather than the official station platform i.e. Gareth Cliff, but I couldn’t be bothered digging into that as well. Looking at this it seems that even with their “inflated” numbers the internet stations have strong social numbers. So I guess that part of the report isn’t accurate.

Whats the point of this post? I don’t know, I just thought it would be interesting to look at the numbers, which actually stack up quite well in the defense of the internet radio stations.

*UPDATE* I made a typo on the Highveld numbers – I have corrected it.

Source: SAARF RAMS report



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