Do you need a personal content strategy?

A good content strategy is important across all digital platforms and none more so than the key social media platforms. As a digital strategist I spend most of my day telling clients how important a solid content strategy is on twitter. Then today when puzzling about my current tweeter’s block – which I seem to get for a day or two once a month, I had a rather scary realisation. I don’t have a personal twitter content strategy…

Sure most people tweet whenever they find something interesting or have something to say. However, most successful twitter users will have a specific niche or area of expertise that they focus their efforts on, having built up a set of followers that are interested in that content. So as opposed to shooting off loose tweets they inherently curate their content in order to provide interesting content that is interesting to their audience. This is the basis of a content strategy.


loose tweets sink fleets poster


When it comes to a personal account it’s up to you to decide at that instant, whether you approve the piece of content you are about to tweet or not. With brands it is obviously more complicated than that, multiple parties will need to approve the information you are sending out into the public sphere and a content strategy allows some flexibility within an approved content structure.

So then there is no need for a personal content strategy? On the contrary, every twitter user should have a good understanding of what they tweet about and what their followers are interested in. Being aware of this is the key to providing a consistent experience for your followers, whether it is cricket news, programming tips or a dry sense of humor.

So I guess I do have a broad content strategy for twitter, however it probably could do with some tightening up. Do you have a personal twitter content strategy? Do you think it’s important?

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