What is digital strategy?

There is a question that I often get asked when socialising (yes I do that on the odd occasion); “What do you do for a living?” to which I answer; “I am a digital strategist.” This is usually followed by a quizical look and the inevitible “Oh… what does a digital strategist do?” 

I envy people with easy to decribe jobs such as teacher, doctor or attorney. People understand these jobs, they have been around forever, but a digital strategist? I dont think people understand what a strategist is and then adding that oh so complicated word ‘digital’, just makes it worse.



So for those of you that are wonder what does a digital strategist do or what is a digital strategy, you have come to the right place. Here is an awesome little presentation from Julian Cole, who’s the digital strategy director at BBH in New York.

It does an excellent job of explaining the basis of strategy as well as the process to generate great ideas, which makes it interesting to any level reader. In fact if you are a digital strategist it may just help you redefine your role and help you produce brilliant work (well better than your current work at any rate…)

(Source: Digital Buzz )

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