Getting your online User Experience right

User experience design

User Experience Design (UXD) is defined as the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.

UXD is a critical part of any customer interaction and extends to every brand touch point be it physical or virtual. Getting this experience right when planning digital media campaigns is the cornerstone of a successful campaign. Let’s take a look at three main areas of UXD within the digital media process that you need to get right.

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5 Digital Myths around Performance Media

Digital media has been around for over 20 years, but with the rapid pace at which platforms, technology and opportunities move, you will be hard pressed to find a marketer who knows everything about digital media. It’s easy to get lost in the layers of terminology and technical complexity that digital media offers.

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Closing the divide between social and media

Social community management and paid media campaign management are often treated as two separate entities. Many clients use different agencies for each; a social agency to manage their communities and to develop social content plans, and then a media agency to plan and buy digital media.
Some clients make use of full service digital agencies that offer both services under one roof, although these offerings are often treated as two very different services from different departments. While this approach has been acceptable thus far, the need for closer integration between these two disciplines has never been more apparent than it is at the moment.

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Have banner ads reached their sell-by date?

Click here banner advertising

Banner advertising is the earliest form of online advertising having been around since 1994. While the web has changed dramatically since then, the banner ad has not. There are new sizes and formats that have increased the interactivity and provided new content opportunities within the banner space but the fundamental way the banner ad is sold and measured has not varied much in the last 19 years. Many marketers dismiss banner advertising as expensive and ineffective and in many instances they are correct. However, the problem is not with the ad format but rather the way we measure it.

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The Danger of Augmenting Reality

dangers of augmenting reality

Augmented reality (AR) is not new, it’s a concept that has been around for ages and has seen a massive rise in popularity along with the ascendancy of the smartphone. AR allows you to apply an additional layer of information onto the real world to provide useful information that would otherwise not be available. With applications from heads up displays (HUD) through to interactive advertising, augmented reality sounds like a great avenue of future technology, available today. Continue reading “The Danger of Augmenting Reality”

The Death of the Mobile Web

device agnostic marketing

For years marketers have referred to the mobile web as a separate channel. The mobile web was driven through mobile sites and the limited screen size or capabilities of the feature phone market.  The limitations and diversity of feature phones required very specific mobile experiences to be created, with the introduction of mobile portals to help people navigate and explore mobile content. This has been a major part of the SA digital landscape for years with the success of portals like Vodafone Live and Thumbtribe. Continue reading “The Death of the Mobile Web”

Looking at Internet Radio Social Statistics

Shaun Dewberry has dropped a bomb on the online radio industry with a “report” on the internet radio streaming listenership figures. The report makes a lot of arguments, most of which are centered around technical information / infrastructure which I have no clue about. However he does mention the lack of social media followings for the online radio stations such as 2OV FM and Ballz Radio. This got me thinking; is he right? Continue reading “Looking at Internet Radio Social Statistics”

How should bloggers charge advertisers?

So I read a great post by @CapeTown_Girl today about bloggers not getting paid by brands to write posts and it got me thinking about the constant battle between bloggers and advertisers in terms of value and budgets. Seeing as I qualify as both a digital advertiser and a blogger I wanted to add my two cents… Continue reading “How should bloggers charge advertisers?”

The Awesome Card

the awesome card

I often find myself needed to defend a lot of my tech/gadget purchases. I don’t mean defending the reason why you opted for the 16 Gb 3G version over the 32 Gb WiFi version with your mates. I mean debating with your better half about the need for the gadget at all. The problem in these debates is that I often have no real argument, no concrete theory or explicit reason why I need the New iPad when I have a perfectly functioning older iPad. Why I may want an LED TV when my current LCD is working just fine. Continue reading “The Awesome Card”