Getting your online User Experience right

User experience design

User Experience Design (UXD) is defined as the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.

UXD is a critical part of any customer interaction and extends to every brand touch point be it physical or virtual. Getting this experience right when planning digital media campaigns is the cornerstone of a successful campaign. Let’s take a look at three main areas of UXD within the digital media process that you need to get right.

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Mobile Rich Media Performance Infographic

Over the last 18 months the South African smartphone market has really bloomed with a surge in Android and iOS smartphones hitting the local market. The current smartphone (and to a lesser extent tablet) user base is now a significant channel for digital marketers.

Now that the market has matured a bit we see a lot of advertisers, marketers and agencies using mobile rich media. I came across this infographic that looks at the most effective forms of mobile rich media across mobile devices and thought it would be useful to share.
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How to access Spotify in South Africa

There are a lot of music streaming websites around, but none (in my opinion) can compete with Spotify. Their track library, streaming service, social integration, playlist sharing is head and shoulders above other services. You already know that though, you just want to know how you can access Spotify from South Africa (or any other non-supported country). This is my simple guide to doing just that without using a proxy. Continue reading “How to access Spotify in South Africa”

South African Digital Media toolkit

digital benchmarks south africa tool

You have no doubt noticed the lack of South African digital research available online. Most Google searches turn up poorly written articles, unreliable sources, outdated data, global statistics or formal research that you have to pay a fortune for (such as World Wide Worx or TNS). However, the guys at Google have created a really awesome suite of digital tools and research that is freely available. Continue reading “South African Digital Media toolkit”

How to stream mkv and avi files to Apple TV

Want to know how to stream mkv and avi files to your Apple TV without converting or Jailbreaking anything? Apple TV’s are great little devices; however one of the main problems that people have is that in true Apple style it is directly linked to iTunes. In other words your video files have to be mp4 files loaded into iTunes in order to stream to your Apple TV, meaning you would probably need to convert your entire movie/series collection. Previously the only way to avoid this and stream mkv or avi files direct to your Apple TV involves jailbreaking it and installing XBMC or similar. Continue reading “How to stream mkv and avi files to Apple TV”