Mobile Rich Media Performance Infographic

Over the last 18 months the South African smartphone market has really bloomed with a surge in Android and iOS smartphones hitting the local market. The current smartphone (and to a lesser extent tablet) user base is now a significant channel for digital marketers.

Now that the market has matured a bit we see a lot of advertisers, marketers and agencies using mobile rich media. I came across this infographic that looks at the most effective forms of mobile rich media across mobile devices and thought it would be useful to share.
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The Death of the Mobile Web

device agnostic marketing

For years marketers have referred to the mobile web as a separate channel. The mobile web was driven through mobile sites and the limited screen size or capabilities of the feature phone market.  The limitations and diversity of feature phones required very specific mobile experiences to be created, with the introduction of mobile portals to help people navigate and explore mobile content. This has been a major part of the SA digital landscape for years with the success of portals like Vodafone Live and Thumbtribe. Continue reading “The Death of the Mobile Web”

South African Digital Media toolkit

digital benchmarks south africa tool

You have no doubt noticed the lack of South African digital research available online. Most Google searches turn up poorly written articles, unreliable sources, outdated data, global statistics or formal research that you have to pay a fortune for (such as World Wide Worx or TNS). However, the guys at Google have created a really awesome suite of digital tools and research that is freely available. Continue reading “South African Digital Media toolkit”