Closing the divide between social and media

Social community management and paid media campaign management are often treated as two separate entities. Many clients use different agencies for each; a social agency to manage their communities and to develop social content plans, and then a media agency to plan and buy digital media.
Some clients make use of full service digital agencies that offer both services under one roof, although these offerings are often treated as two very different services from different departments. While this approach has been acceptable thus far, the need for closer integration between these two disciplines has never been more apparent than it is at the moment.

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Looking at Internet Radio Social Statistics

Shaun Dewberry has dropped a bomb on the online radio industry with a “report” on the internet radio streaming listenership figures. The report makes a lot of arguments, most of which are centered around technical information / infrastructure which I have no clue about. However he does mention the lack of social media followings for the online radio stations such as 2OV FM and Ballz Radio. This got me thinking; is he right? Continue reading “Looking at Internet Radio Social Statistics”